Who is Gopal Shrestha?

    Namaste (Hello) !!

    My name is Gopal Shrestha and I am 53 years old. Over twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with HIV . Since, the year 2002. I am working as a volunteer campaigner and activist in the sectors of HIV/AIDS and Drug addiction. In addition I was national football player of Nepal and played from different A Division club of Nepal.

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    What is Stepup Campaign?

    Between 2011-2015, World AIDS Days will have the theme of “Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths”. The World AIDS Campaign focus on “Zero AIDS related deaths” signifies a push towards greater access to treatment for all.
    Therefore, on the year of 2015 to meet the theme of “Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths” I have decided to climb the Mt. Everest (8,848 meters high) with world aids day banner.
    I did try in 2015. But due to massive avalanche on Everest, I was unable to summit. This time 2017, I’ll try once again to reach the summit and aware people about HIV/AIDS.

    HIV +ve people face discrimination globally. The message that we carry is that, after successful treatment, we can also do anything that a normal person can do, and contribute meaningfully to society if given the opportunity.
    To fulfill this dream, I am again attempting to climb the Mount Everest to symbolize the success that HIV+ people can achieve if he or she gets enabling the environment to live and to work and contribute to social development at large.
    Previously in 2015, I reached Everest base camp. Unfortunately, on the 25th of April, we were hit by a devastating earthquake while preparing
    to climb.
    In the aftermath of the earthquake, all our required equipment buried in the following avalanche and six team members also lost their lives. I too was badly injured in the forehead, and luckily rescued and spent the next six months recovering from my life-threatening injuries as well as the disappointment and discouragement of failure.
    I, on behalf of the campaign team, would like to thank everyone who helped us to raise close to the US $27,000 for this expedition, out of which, US $5,000 worth of gear and equipment was lost including the nonrefundable climbing permit of US $750.
    Currently, we still have the US $19,000 with the expedition agency, but we have to use it with remaining preparation and additional cost for gears and other fees. For the same reason, I am still short due to our losses in the avalanches after the devastating earthquake of April 2015.
    I am grateful that I am still alive and now this attempt has become even more important and necessary to prove that we (i.e. PLHIV community) can succeed. We are not beaten yet. And this year, we are once more making preparations to attempt Mount Everest again and I have been continuing required training on my own. Your personal and organizational support to generate the additional US $15,000 (for gears, fees for the mountaineering, and other logistics) together with blessings would add much more value to accomplish this task

    We hope that you will find it in your heart to support us and the greater cause of “human dignity” that we represent by contributing whatever you can, whether it be in financial resources, material support or in the humanitarian spirit.
    We carry a message of hope and dignity to fight the discrimination that HIV+ve people face in their lives every day globally.

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    Approximate Budget

    Latest Budget Information for 2017 Expedition is coming soon!!


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    Contact Us

    Email : rjgopals@hotmail.com (Gopal Shrestha)

    Bank Information of Step up campaign:
    Bank Name : Machhapuchre Bank limited
    Address : Pokhara, Nepal
    Account Holder : gopal , Jamuna & nanibabu
    Account Number: 1122524371759014

    Contact Number: 9846563169,9846420008,9846034298.

    Note: If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail. We love to hear from you


    Everest, We are coming !!

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