Gopal Shrestha

suffered from HIV AIDS 25 years back, when the world was still short of Yahoo and Google.
At the age of 56, Shrestha leads a healthy and equally energetic life as a yoga trainer.
Former National footballer and a drug user himself, Gopal is an activist volunteering in the sector of Drug Addiction and HIV Aids​

Step up Campaign

is his vision to build a society resistant to taboos and stigmas related to HIV/AIDS. To destroy the odds, Mr Shrestha is vying to summit the Mt Everest in 2019, a feat never achieved before by any people living with HIV (PLHIV). The campaign serves as a curtain raiser in envisioning safer space for young people living with HIV/AIDS and motivate as well as  bring that population in the mainstream of national development. 

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Journey from addiction to activism is never easy. The campaign focuses to motivate drug users to come forward as activists.


We aim to help the HIV infected children get a better life by increasing their access to education.

Global representation of plhiv

We aim to get a global representation of People Living with HIV

Raise funds to support plhiv

We raise funds organizing different programmes to support the people living with HIV (PLHIV).

Help Gopal Shrestha Climb Everest

Your little help can make history

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